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CashCrate Guide

Completing Offers

Watch this video tutorial showing you how to complete an offer on CashCrate.

Resources used in Video Tutorial.

For Roboform: Click Here.

For Fizix Point Gainer (the program that clicked all the "no's" for me"): Download Here. You have to use the firefox browser in order to use this program. Firefox 3.5 (or higher) is not compatible with this program. To download Firefox 3.0, click here.

Once you have firefox, open the browser and press "File" in the upper-left hand corner. Scroll down to "open file" on the menu. Then locate the fizix.xpi file you downloaded and double click. The program will then install.

What you need to know.

One of the most important things to understand about CashCrate is certain advertisers provide more than one offer for CashCrate members to complete". This means that one advertisement company, for example, Brandarama... may have a number of advertisement offers available on CashCrate. When you complete your first offer from a company, they pay you for the information they receive about you. However, if you try to complete another offer from the same company they will not want to pay you again because they already have your information.

Don't worry, there are three important ways to get around this.

  • The first thing you have to do is create a new email address to sign up for offers with after you complete every few offers. This may seem like a hassle, but with Gmail, you can create new email addresses in no time.(Sidenote - Use the same email address you signed up for CashCrate when doing surveys.)
  • Clear out your cookies after you complete every offer. You can use whatever program you have, or download CCleaner for free here.
  • Thirdly, you must only complete one offer per advertisement company a day... or wait until the offer is confirmed. This means, if you complete one Brandarama offer today, you should submit it and wait for it to transition from the pending earnings section, to the confirmed section before you complete another Brandarama offer.

Try not to keep more than $3.00 pending at a time. It lessens your chances of having your offers process.

How can you recognize which advertisers provide what offers?

Well, if you look on the tab of the offer page opened, it may say which advertiser provides that offer... like this:

Many advertisers have specific logos that signify they are providing the offer.

What are pending earnings?

After you submit an offer you completed on CashCrate (as shown in the video tutorial), it is added to the pending offers section. Pending offers are offers that are being reviewed to see if you completed the offer properly. If you did (following our guidelines above), these offers will be transferred to the completed offers section. When the money is transferred to your "month's earnings", that means you completed the offer properly. If it remains in the pending offers section for too long (weeks) it probably won't be confirmed. This means you won't earn money for completing that offer.

How else can you make money on CashCrate?

Watch this video to learn as we explore all CashCrate has to offer.